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Why Prep 4 College?

The Prep 4 College team consists of previous students who have mastered the subjects they teach, and ready to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

We are committed to providing personalized approaches to each student to work with your goals and exceed them.

What Subjects Do We Teach?

Test Prep:

  • SAT
  • ACT

Highschool Subjects: 

  • Math (IB, Calculus, Functions, Statistics)
  • Physics (IB, Standard)
  • Chemistry (IB, Standard)
  • Biology (IB, Standard)
  • English (IB, Standard)
  • History (IB, Standard)
  • French (IB, Standard)

College Prep Services:

  • College Essay Editing

Our Tutors

Jake Raju

SAT: 1540; GPA: 4.7

Jake is a current student at the University of Michigan. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Prep 4 College Tutors. Jake is an avid traveler who enjoys playing basketball, and watching the NBA and NCAA.

William Deng

SAT: 1520; IB: 44/45

William is a current student at the University of Cambridge studying physics. William enjoys playing tennis in his spare time, and loves teaching complex math/physics concepts to help others reach their dreams.


James Yu

 SAT: 1510; GPA: 4.5

James is a current student at the University of Waterloo studying Biomedical Engineering. In his free time, James enjoys going to the gym and watching anime and Korean dramas. 


At our organization, inclusivity is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to creating a welcoming and accepting environment for individuals from all backgrounds and identities.


As an educational institution, we take our commitment to our students seriously. We fully understand the importance of scheduling and following through on the plans that we make with our students.


We place a high value on treating all of our students with respect and dignity. We recognize that each student has unique needs and goals, and we strive to create an inclusive environment.


We believe that the key to success is open communication and mutual understanding, and we strive to establish a relationship built on these principles with each and every one of our students.

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